Armor of God Apparel | Trendy Christian Clothing

Armor of God comes from the bible (Ephesians 6:13-18) where the message is to clothe yourself in truth, righteousness, readiness, faith and salvation. It was created with three ideas in mind: To encourage, motivate and most important; spread the word of God.

I created Armor of God because all too many times I have seen fitness apparel being worn in a way that is entirely too revealing or perhaps the way that people choose to represent themselves with statements that are derogatory in nature, contain expletives and overall just don't particularly draw the right kind of attention.

What if you could wear a brand that is an outward symbol of your inward lifestyle? Armor of God was created specifically to inspire its customers and individuals to read the word of God and be motivated by passages and verses directly from the bible that are powerful and moving.

I have noticed that in the past (I know many can relate) I would drive down the road or go for a walk and somehow a piece of scripture or a bible verse would come across my path and immediately grab my attention. This could be in form of a license plate, church advertisement or even a loose piece of paper blowing in the wind that just somehow crossed my path at the perfect time. I would quickly jot down that verse so I wouldn't forget and immediately look it up the second I had the chance. often times I would find that this verse was exactly what I needed to hear. Subsequently, my bible would already be open so I would find myself looking at the back story or reading the whole bible chapter from where that verse came from. 

I know that many of us have had moments where we just needed to know that God was there and then something would happen that sent shivers down your spine because no sooner than you asked, you were met with an answer.

My goal is to give my customers a comfortable, high quality product that they can be personally encouraged by as well as encourage and inspire others.

Armor of God is my passion and I hope to share that with my customers. Welcome to the family!