Why Armor of God Was Created

The fitness and health industry is quickly becoming a mecca for consumer spending. The question to ask though is have we started to see an unintended consequence from this industry? That unintended consequence is vanity. One could argue that health and fitness coupled with social media has turned us into a world of self promoters at all cost.

If you have spent any amount of time on social media (or in public) you have likely seen women whose bodies are hardly covered up by their clothing or men who chose to wear clothing that display expletives, derogatory or often degrading statements. What makes people feel the need to display themselves so outlandishly?

The hope would be that people wouldn’t take provocative pictures or wear such inconsiderate or degrading statements unless they had a really good reason, right? Well as it turns out, the popularity of the notion that having your photo “Liked” or your social media account followed could potentially lead to some sort of internet fame or wealth. The question to be asked is: At what cost? 

I don’t believe that social media users truly understand the permanent consequences their actions have on their lives. Once you release a photo on any social media platform, you no longer have control over that photo, who sees it, or how it gets distributed. You could be saying, “So what?”, right? I suppose so. However, I would highly encourage social media users to anticipate their futures and how those photos may impact them. The consequences could be a loss of job, loss of relationship or long-term regret and embarrassment.



What if health/ fitness minded consumers could be provided a product that was motivational, encouraging and perhaps even engaged followers positively, appropriately and in a Godly manner?

Enter- Amor of God Apparel L.L.C. - Our brand focuses on providing an active wear alternative that is comfortable and well fitted while still maintaining a posture that represents its customers in a sophisticated and well respected light. 

Armor of God comes from the Bible (Ephesians 6:13-18) where the message is to cloth yourself in truth, righteousness, readiness, faith and salvation. Imagine equipping yourself with that kind of righteous empowerment. It's in the Bible, read for yourself!

With that being said; our aim and our mission is to provide customers encouragement, motivation and the word of God that they can literally and figuratively equip themselves with by wearing.

Have you ever driven down the road and seen a piece of scripture or a Bible verse somewhere and wondered if it was meant for you? Have you ever seen a Bible verse and taken time to look up that particular verse and realized that it was exactly what you needed to hear? What if you could be the person to provide that to somebody else just because you chose to outwardly represent your faith in God?

Armor of God is much more than an apparel brand. It is a mission designed to spread the word of God while motivating and encouraging others. It is an outward representation of an inward lifestyle.

One of the most wonderful feelings I have experienced personally was walking through the airport and observed people reading my (Phillipian) shirt. I begin to smile while thinking, "You just read scripture. If nothing else happened today, you were exposed to one Bible verse." Who knows what kind of biblical curiosity that might insight. I immediately became excited at the opportunity to be able to spread the word of God just by wearing what I wanted others to know I represent.


 It was also such a rewarding experience when I was approached by people who not only said they liked my shirt but also commented on how much they enjoyed that particular piece of scripture. I didn't even anticipate the connections that were possible just by outwardly wearing your faith. 

It is my hope that my customers get to enjoy not only the product but the experience of wearing your faith! God Bless!