Mainstreaming Christian Fitness Apparel

As it stands today, liberalism has swept through our culture, and the long-held norms and values have taken a backstage. This kind of scenario is more pronounced in the fashion spaces. Due to many years of massive campaigns by secular culture in the media, Christian-themed apparels have largely been pushed out of what is considered fun and normal through the depiction that Christianity is conservative and boring. On the bright side, one of the best ways to inspire a comeback of Christian inspired themes in the public scene is through blending fashion and Christianity by activewear production.

Armor of God offers a new style of apparel designs which are not only meant to showcase the love of God to the world but to carry a message of hope, love, and redemption for all to see. With a staggering confessed Christian population of over 224 million Americans, out of the over 2.5 billion self-confessed people on earth, the simple but strong aim is to use fashion to lay bare what is in people's hearts.

Taking the Standard Higher

Our wonderful designs are at par with the current standards in the fashion world which embrace artistic expressions of both the fashionistas and the consumers. To keep the taste and preferences of everyone, alive, we use high quality and original fabrics in our apparel making process.

Our graffiti and imprints are crafted with exemplary designs that evince qualities of uniqueness, minimalistic, modernity, lux, and connotative. With no simple phrase or word to explain our new apparels, one clause can wrap up the nuance: Christian voices amid liberal trends. We highlight what we want people to see and hence redirect people's attention to what is beneficial to their very beings.

The Trendy Wear

We design great apparel for men, women and the youth. These outfits are appropriate for intense activities such as athletics or some casual activities. For the men, we have great tees, T-shirts, flexfit hats, long sleeve T-shirts, and top tanks. These outfits bear graceful art derived from the most iconic bible verses and phrases such as Psalms 118, Philippians 4:13, or the "STRONG BRAVE FEARLESS NEVER" phrase.

Armor of God has also invested heavily in women's apparel such as the racerbacks, tanks, logo flexfit hats, a zipped hoodie sweater, long-sleeved t-shirt and many more. Additionally, we have incredible hoodies and other athletic apparels for youths, and teens with enthusiasm for sports or recreational activities. One of the factors that set us apart is the fact that we have catered for the tastes of everyone by providing a wide array of colors and sizes for anyone to select. Moreover, we provide customized activewear services for Churches, Faith-based institutions or any other groupings.

This is Who We Are

Armor of God is owned by practicing Christians who, out of grace, happen to be athletics enthusiasts and fashion designers. This business, therefore, is founded on the need to serve Christians with a heartfelt desire to portray the right Christian image for all to see.

Our active-wear is for meant for not only Christians but all persons of good will. This is because we commitment ourselves in encouraging active life for women, men and the youth in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle of fitness. Without a doubt, it is evident that we stand for the holistic betterment of humanity by promoting healthy lifestyles, Christian norms, and messages of encouragement through fantastic active-wear.