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Mainstreaming Christian Fitness Apparel

With secular culture becoming the societal norm; Armor of God Apparel offers an alternative approach to apparel in attempts to mainstream Christianity in the fitness industry. Armor of God uses scripture and powerful bible verses to motivate, empower and enlighten Christians while spreading the word to those who have yet to be introduced to Christ.

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Why Armor of God Was Created

The fitness and health industry is quickly becoming a mecca for consumer spending. The question to ask though is have we started to see an unintended consequence from this industry? That unintended consequence is vanity. One could argue that health and fitness coupled with social media has turned us into a world of self promoters at all cost. If you have spent any amount of time on social media (or in public) you have likely seen women whose bodies are hardly covered up by their clothing or men who chose to wear clothing that display expletives, derogatory or often degrading statements. What makes people feel the need to display themselves so outlandishly? The hope would be that people wouldn’t take...

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